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As you click on the icon above, a Google Earth presentation featuring a 360 degree virtual tour with a personal audio/visual commentary opening up a virtual odyssey tour of my Eastern European roots in Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine. This virtual tour can be displayed on computers, tablets and smartphones which makes it compatible like O+ blood with multimedia attributes of interactive Google maps, historical video clips and photo galleries, background music, annotated notes as well as customized virtual panorama connectivity and more!! Thus, making it a "keepsake" presentation for my family, grandchildren and future generations.

      1. Click on the country icons at the top of the opening screen and there's an index to peruse each photograph for each country.

      2. For each virtual photo, there is a Google Earth map provided for your convenience in viewing the geographical location from roof top to outer space.

      3. On each photo you will find icons for individual photos and/or red balls as hot links to other nearby virtual photographs.

      4. Once a still photo is displayed within each virtual photo, click on it and the still photograph will appear in the center and then click on the "I" icon on the tool bar if it is unshaded.

      5. By clicking on the "I", a commentary about each photograph will be displayed.

John Kuzmich Jr. Genealogy Blog; Eastern European Roots

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Poland: Snietnica, Stawisza, Krempachy, Nowa Biala. Juszczyn, Krolik Polski, Trzebunia, Więciórka, Maków Podhalański, and Szaflary (KUZMYCZ, KUZMICZ, KUZMYCH, KUZMICK, BOCHNOVICH, GALINIAK, HOC, BASALYA, KUCSALA, SURMA. PAZIS, WOLOSHYNOVICH, KUCHTA and TOMASKOVIC)



Czech Republic: Stara Wieś -- Staravesz in Moravia: (DLUGI)

Slovakia: Holic (GALINIAK, SKUBOVA)

Life Story of John Kuzmich, Jr. through a Google Earth Presentation

My Eastern European Roots of John Kuzmich, Jr.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Kuzmich Family History Ancestral Roots: Paternal and Maternal

The following maps represent villages in Paternal/Maternal ancestors in Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine where my ancestors came from.  Give me time to validate the authenticity of the maps of the two villages in the Czech Republic for the origin of our Dlugi ancestors before 2022.  My family is presently compiling information about each village with with emphasis on their local history and cultural things to share with you.  Villages encircled are the where these villages are located.  Note:  longitude and latitude coordinates are also provided for your convenience to view in Google Mapes where they are located within each country with Eastern Europe.

Click on each map to view with a larger image.  Here's the master link to view all villages at: Roots/Kuzmich Family History Ancestral Roots2.pdf

Click on each map to view with a larger image.  Here are the villages included in this file in the following order. I will bookmark  all 15 Eastern European village links that are presented below so you don’t have to scroll down for them.  The table of contents will appear first, for a more traditional table of content setting, go to the top of the jumped page for view all the 1) villages, 2) their countries and the 3) surnames of my ancestry in a traditional two-column table format.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

New 2021 Family History areas of Poland currently being researched for my Kuscala ancestors all near Krakow, Poland.  Click on the map to view in a larger image format for more convenient insight.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Krempachy, Poland is the birth place of my grandmother, Elizabeth Galinak in 1891.  Roslyn and I have visited Krempachy five time thus far in search of family history of my Slovak ancestors in 1996, 1998, 2001, 2009 and 2012.

Novo Mesto, Slovena is the birth place of Anton Turk, a great step-grandfather of my grandfather, Michael Kuchta both in 1864.  Slovenia is a beautiful country with wonderful landscapes. Rosliyn and I have visited Slovenioa 4 times in 1996, 1998, 2001 and 2012.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Feature Cover Story & Article

Feature cover photo and three-page article in the September 2017 issue of the "Golden Living" magazine, a Denver-area community magazine featuring Roslyn and I.  For the URL for the article and cover photo, click Living/Golden_Living_Final_Combine.pdf.  To view best, click on the "fit the page" button in the right column.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2017 Kuzmich Family History Fireside

Antonius Kuzmicz, my grandfather, was the first direct ancestor of mine to immigrate to the USA in 1898 from Snietnia, Poland.

My family held a family history fireside during our annual family reunion on July 4, 2017. The highlight of this event was a family history fireside honoring members of our paternal/maternal family lines for the Kuzmich and Christensen ancestors. Each person in our immediate family took one ancestor and presented a 5 to 10 minute vignette with PowerPoint and/or text presentations. Here is a breakdown of which ancestors were presented. Click on the links below to view either a PowerPoint or a PDF presentation for each ancestor.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Are we related: Paper Trail and/or by DNA Testing?

Paper Trail?

Take the online family questionnaire!

Please click on this next link and you will go the next generation of family history web sites, representing the very latest developments in the John Kuzmich, Jr. Family History: Your Own Interactive Family History Search in my Family History! (Find Out How We Are Really Related). This new web site includes the opportunity to search John's GEDCOM file and instantly display family group sheets and pedigree charts to learn if we are related. At this date, I am related to well over 2,800 descendants from Snietnica and Stawisza, Poland from the 5,700+ who lived there from 1770 to 1870. And with additional original research, this number might increase along with the chances of being related even greater!

DNA Testing?  

To learn if and to better coordinate how we are related with genetic DNA testing and/or with web posted paper trail to any of our ancestors, click here.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How To Successfully Extract Catholic Church Records in Poland!

Below are two outstanding video tutorials that simplifies how to extract (index) all the fields found in Polish Catholic records.
  1. 08.02 New meeting.wmv  Extraction tutorial - part 1 with Roslyn and Tadeusz
  2. 12.50 New meeting.wmv  Exraction tutorial - part 2 with Roslyn and Tadeusz

Sunday, June 15, 2014

High Web Presence!

What makes this scenario of high web presence on the Internet more interesting is that my family roots can very easily be found in a Google search because when you Google search on any of my Eastern European ancestral villages with a particular surname, my family history web sites come up first and in many cases, multiple times within the top ten Google findings!

Below are examples of how effective Google searches for particular family surnames with the following localities in Poland, Ukraine and Slovenia. Currently the first Google listing result when searching on the text is indicated in Red.

1. Snietnica, Poland and Kuzmich = first web site

2. Stawisza, Poland and Bochnovich = first web site

3. Krempachy, Poland and Galinak or Galiniak = first web site

4. Nowa Biala, Poland and Kucala = first web site

5. Stawisza, Poland and Basalyga = first web site

6. Stawisza, Poland and Hoc = first web site

7. Lesnica, Poland and Galinak = first web site

8. Turk and Novo Mesto, Slovenia = sixth site since the TURK surname is so popular in Slovenia much like SMITH is in the USA and England which says a lot for our web-posting strategy. But today, it did come number 1 to my surprise.

9 Kuzmich and Maximilianovka, Ukraine = first web site

At a future date, I will be to provide verification if any of your ancestors came from any of these above cited villages. And if positively verified, then you should contact the priests of those villages to obtain vital records of your family history research. And as a courtesy, I will also be able to provide the contact information for your convenience.

My primary family history blog and website are located at: and where you can directly search my on-line GEDCOM file to assess if and how you are related to me on the very opening page of this second web site.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe in Warsaw, Poland!

Midnight in Warsaw, Poland eating American hamburgers at the Hard Rock Cafe!  

Latest Wołoszynowicz Family History Video: Part 2

This video, part 2, represents the latest Wołoszynowicz family history research for 16 generations in Krolik Polski, Poland from 1559 to 1874.